Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writing Aid

When I ordered my Nexus, I didn't realize I was acquiring a device that would make me write more. Something about using the stylus to swipe words syncs my brain to my input speed better than a keyboard does, possibly even better than a pencil. Maybe it just gives me more time to consider each word than my typing speed does. Having to argue with auto-correct doesn't hurt, either. 

So far, it doesn't look like the Blogger app has a way for me to schedule posts (I'm hoping it's just something I'm overlooking), so I still have to log in from a PC to do that. Also, line breaks don't seem to behave in here, so I have to add more to get clean paragraph breaks*. But still, I'm able to spend more time writing because I don't need to tether myself to a chair if my back is sore or if I'm planning to go to bed soon. 

And hey! It's fun for other stuff, too, like Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.

*Correction: For this post, I tried adding extra line breaks in the app on my Nexus, and when I logged in to schedule this, the lines were properly broken!

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