Monday, March 10, 2014

Someone Hates Your Favorite Band

Note to any of my musician friends who find their way here: This is not about you, despite being about music.
"Everything on the radio sucks."
If you check the "off-topic" section of any forum, you're bound to run into a discussion of music wherein the local population gathers to shit on whatever is currently popular. It reads like a parody of 1960s Dad complaining about the Beatles, but the bizarre part is that the people with the rage are in their teens and twenties. I imagine them wearing replica Led Zeppelin 1977 World Tour shirts.
Now, I'm not going to disagree with the point that, on a given radio station, most of what you hear is going to sound the same. The music industry is all about following trends and playing it safe. Rock in particular is driven by bands who write their own songs and value nebulous "passion" over songcraft, so everyone ends up having their stuff polished by the same handful of producers. If you don't like those producers, I understand that you won't like their bands. And if you live in an area where all the stations play the same thing, you won't like anything on the radio.
Luckily, your tastes don't determine what is allowed to exist.
Hopefully, your negativity doesn't convince some newbies to quit before they've had a chance to hone their skills.
Because here's the thing -- someone hates your favorite band as much as you hate what's on the radio. Someone has listened to the obscure indie band or classical composer or jazz trio you adore and said "this is crap". It happens. Thankfully, it doesn't prevent you from continuing to enjoy them.
So, maybe next time the musical hate thread comes around, try talking about what you like. You might convince someone to check it out.

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