Friday, December 6, 2013

Technology and the Poor

Methods By Which A Poor Person May Acquire an iPad
  1. It was a gift from a more affluent friend or relative who ditched it as soon as the iPad 2 came out.
  2. Money saved from working a third job.
  3. Purchased prior to being laid off from a decent-paying job.
  4. Haggled with Best Buy employee over display model.
  5. Found in trash the day after the release of the iPad 2.
  6. Won it from Taco Bell.
  7. "If you can fix it, you can have it."
  8. Saved up for it.
  9. Won it in a church raffle.
  10. Provided by employer.
  11. Provided by school district.
  12. Borrowed it from a friend.
  13. Went halfsies with a friend.
  14. Other methods that didn't involve snatching it from your soft, middle-class hands, despite what your incessant whining seems to indicate.

Note: This is a reaction to the random hatred of poor people that shows up on Facebook and in the comments section of assorted websites. I am in no way trying to tell people what they ought to do.