Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Caffeine Cycle

About twice a year, I attempt to quit caffeine forever. This is not one of those times.

I had significantly reduced my caffeine intake -- maybe a black or green tea in the morning and a Sodastream when I got home from work. More than none, but not two cups of coffee, either.

Then, at some point I had to get up earlier than normal. Or maybe I got engrossed in something in the evening and didn't go to bed on time.

Either way, it starts with making a hot chocolate with a shot of coffee. Just one shot! Just... a little something to take the edge off.

Headaches follow shortly after.

Today, I'll say, just today I will have a half cup of coffee. Not much. Just to numb this headache, then I'm done.

The next day, maybe the headache comes later, so the coffee comes later.

Maybe I make it until the evening and drink too much Sodastream.

However it goes, it's the 8pm caffeine injection that cuts me loose from reason, and I find myself staring at the wall at 1am, wondering why it's so hard to fall asleep.

Unwilling to mess up my schedule, I still set my alarm to go off early. Then I'm tired in the morning, so I start my day with coffee. I'm tired when I get home, so I take a nap and then drink some pop. If it's Friday, maybe I'll get Starbucks and stay up super late! Excellent idea, sir!

This time around, I think I'll try to scale back before the next phase, which could be titled, Zombie Matt Sleepwalks Through Work, Naps All Afternoon, and Is Rude to Everyone.

After this cup...

Monday, June 10, 2013

So, here we are again

I technically started blogging on Diaryland before moving to LiveJournal, but that was before I'd heard the term "blogging", so I tend to think of Blogger as the place where I started walking the Path of the Blogger.

And now, I have returned!

It's a bit different from the last time I was here, though I couldn't tell you how because I don't remember the old version. It just looks... like pretty much everything else Google does, minimalism for its own sake.

Anyway, I was on self-hosted WordPress for a long time. I like the level of control I had over everything -- I could customize the hell out of things. Edit the phps and what have you. Very nice. There were really only two reasons I decided to switch back:
  1. I barely scratched the surface of the near-endless options at my fingertips
  2. (more importantly) I was tired of the daily automated emails telling me that my files had been compromised, so please scan them and remove the threat.
If I'm on Blogger, then stuff like that is largely Google's problem -- I just need to make sure my password isn't "password1" and I'm good.