Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Laws

I created a MailChimp account so I can have a mailing list for my musical project.

Some gun control legislation just failed. It would have required background checks on gun show sales and internet sales, and apparently that's a threat to freedom.

To comply with anti-spam laws, everything sent out through my electronic mailing list needs to have my snail mail address on it.

Once more:

To protect consumers from unwanted email, I need to distribute personal information that I'm not really comfortable releasing into the internet badlands. But, it's unthinkable that we implement any form of gun control to protect citizens from guns.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Satellite Reboot

I finally came up with a "band" name for my music project. There's a new site and everything! It's pretty bare-bones right now, and the main domain actually redirects here at the moment (apparently magic settings don't propagate instantly), but it's a thing that exists. Huzzah!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Remix: The Evolution of Ezekiel Wallace

Update: Since you can't host audio on blogger, this post now lacks comparisons. Booooooo.

This is what is currently on my Bandcamp page:

And this is what happens when I watch some videos about proper mixing and mastering in FL Studio:

I didn't re-record anything, just removed all of the crap I attached to each track and gave each instrument its own EQ (most of them just got simple low pass filters, a couple were more intricate), then mastered the whole thing. I could probably get it even better if I let it sit for a few weeks and went back to it.

The worst part was hearing each guitar track in isolation -- my playing is sloppy, but I didn't notice three years ago because the mix is so muddy. If this wasn't ancient history, I'd be inclined to scrap everything and start over, but the point of this was just to practice mixing and mastering. I'll be remastering the entire album in the coming weeks. When it's done, I'm replacing the files on my Bandcamp page. The idea is that I want to make these skills second-nature so I can focus on new material (I've started a few things, but I keep letting myself get distracted by trying to EQ things before they are done, which is like editing your sentences while you're writing. Bad Stan!)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The road to my own personal hell is made of dirt and loose gravel, so I'm going to fix that. It's time to declare some intentions!

I intend to upload more music-in-progress. I recently met some wonderful musician-folk and thought it might be a good idea to have an easily-navigable repository for stuff I'm working on so I can solicit feedback (not that one needs to be a musician to tell me when I totally nail sweet riffs!). To that end, I've created a Soundcloud account and attached the widget to my sidebar. Check it out! I started messing around with a blues riff that I stole from a YouTube video.

I intend to update this blog with more random stuff! I originally joined Tumblr so I'd have a place to be random, spew forth ill-conceived thoughts, and hash out stuff I wasn't ready to post on my "grown up" blog. I ended up reblogging a lot of animated gifs instead. Not sure where I got the idea that I had to be serious and adult on here, though. That's like saying I'm required to wear dress slacks and a polo shirt around my own home. Screw that, it's pajama time.

I intend to write another novel. Well, co-write. I don't know if this is under an NDA, so I'll just say that the worldbuilding is going great and I can't wait to start telling stories in it.

I intend to finish that video game I started with my co-worker. We need to hash out some more technical stuff first, though.

I intend to read more books. Especially ones by Brandon Sanderson.