Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 1 - A recent picture and 15 interesting facts about me

Fact #1: I loooove me some brownies.

Fact #2: I have a BA in English, which basically only gets used when my coworkers are arguing about words and they need an official ruling.

Fact #3: I have been playing guitar for over 16 years. I've also spent some time on drums, bass, and vocals.

Fact #4: I am currently taking voice lessons from Maria Rose of Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks.

Fact #5: Final Fantasy XI was the first MMO I played. I quit because it got repetitive, but occasionally I have dreams about signing up again.

Fact #6: Actually, I occasionally dream about doing a lot of stuff that I quit doing, like karate, guitar lessons, or playing in a band.

Fact #7: I get really stressed out at big social gatherings, even if I know and love everyone involved. My heart rate elevates slightly and I start feeling warm. I have found that deep breaths help quite a bit -- especially if you follow them up with talking to someone.

Fact #8: I wear glasses because the thought of putting something on my eye gives me the willies. Someday, though, I will try contacts, because I'm really starting to hate glasses.

Fact #9: I have a younger sister.

Fact #10: I like anime. When I was a teenager and pretty obsessed, I couldn't afford to buy the stuff I was interested in, but thanks to the magic of NetFlix, I can finally enjoy the stuff I wanted to see so bad in 1998.

Fact #11: I like reading, but I don't read nearly as much as I say I would like to. I'm hoping to remedy that this year.

Fact #12: I hated cats until Sarah brought Aeris home. It was an instant transformation.

Fact #13: Speaking of Sarah, we bonded over discussions of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a single-player RPG. Now we're playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, an MMORPG, together.

Fact #14: My senior seminar was a class on James Joyce. No, he doesn't make any more sense after taking that class. Dude had too much time on his hands. If anyone wants to fund me for 17 years, I'll bring you the next Finnegans Wake.

Fact #15: I still really want to learn to play the piano someday.

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