Wednesday, December 7, 2011

some fun reading

I figure a good way to get back into the habit of blogging regularly would be to share some of the more interesting things I've seen on the interwebs lately.


Sexism In Nerd Culture

When is it sexist? chart -- A handy reference for determining whether the game you are playing is sexist.

False Equivalence -- Why muscled men are not sexualized.

Male Avengers posed in the manner that female comic book characters typically are.


Video Games

I recently fired up Oblivion because I found myself pining for Skyrim and never really got the full Oblivion experience. Found some good stuff related to optimizing and re-texturing that have made me forget how old the game is. Also? Totally having a blast.

Since I'm now a budding programmer, I'm interested in this treasure trove of indie game development resources. Totally getting looked at... sometime.



It's the time of year for rabid fundamentalists to get all uppity about the War on Christmas and do ridiculous things, like sing a non-religious song in defense of beliefs that no one is threatening.

Also, a fascinating piece about modesty.

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