Monday, November 7, 2011

Spoiler Alert! (this does not contain spoilers)

I am not into tumblr and I have not Googled this. My only source is Razorblade Sammich. The short version is this: Someone at Microsoft accidentally pressed the "Send The Mass Effect 3 Beta To Everyone" button and now the internet is full of Mass Effect 3 spoilers because some people are dicks and like to post spoilers in places where people don't want them. Hence, I avoid the tumblr and the Google.

I recently became a "Software Engineer" at my job. The big thing that new developers are aiming for is the "Deploy" button. It allows us to publish our own changes to the production server, rather than having to undergo code reviews every time we do something.

We don't have Deploy because if we did, we would break shit. We could do things like render our entire system inoperable or expose sensitive financial information simply by forgetting a single line of code. There are failsafes. For some things, even people with Deploy have to undergo code reviews, just to be safe. Shit is locked down.

I find it amazing that Microsoft didn't have the necessary hurdles in place to prevent someone from accidentally sending the super-secret build to the "All Beta Testers Group". I'm a terrible programmer, and I'm pretty sure I could hack something together for them.


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